Parliament digitises 4.2mn pages of history

Parliament digitises 4.2mn pages of history

Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service
New Delhi, July 12

Parliament has digitised 4.2 million pages of historical records dating back to 1854 in a move that will expand the understanding of legislative and parliamentary evolution.

The archives not only contain proceedings after the first Lok Sabha was constituted in 1952, it also feature debates between 1854 and 1952 to show how legislative reforms developed.

House evolution


The treasure trove contains historical debates that explain the evolution of Parliament and of many legislations.

The 99-year period is captured in a range of documented proceedings, including the Indian Legislative Council Debates which feature

proceedings of the Legislative Council from 1854 to 1920.

There are complete records leading to the passage of the Government of India Act of 1919, which gave effect to the Montague Chelmsford Reforms and established a bicameral legislature at the Centre. “The Indian legislature consisted of the Governor-General and the two Houses at that time — the Council of State and the Legislative Assembly. The debates of various sessions of the Council of State held from 1921 to 1946 and six Legislative Assemblies from 1921 to 1947 are included in the digital library. All documents have been digitised, including from the period before the first War of Independence in 1857 when the East India Company ran the affairs of the country based on charters from the Queen and also post 1857,” LS secretary general Utpal Kumar Singh said.



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