On Earth Day, celebs share how damage caused to the environment can be minimised

On Earth Day, celebs share how damage caused to the environment can be minimised

Gurnaaz Kaur

On Earth Day right this moment, it’s time to spare a considered the worsening world local weather disaster. This 12 months, the theme is ‘Restore our Earth’. The glamour business thrives on wasteful consumerism. It is the second largest polluter in the world, simply after the oil business. Clearly, the world of style hasn’t been sort to the Earth! We speak to a few of the prime style designers and actors on how to cease the damage.

Varun Bahl is amongst the couturiers recognized for his fashion globally. He says, “I practice simple ways like the manner in which a fabric is dyed and processed; I use sustainable fabrics. I invest in a line that adds solid design value to your wardrobe and enhances your personal style, a line that is trend-less and versatile, so that each piece can be styled in different ways, from within the existing wardrobe. It’s my commitment to offer well-made clothes that people can wear again and again,” he says.

Pankaj and Nidhi

Avoid wastage

Actress Aahana Kumra opines, “Sustainable fashion is the only way forward. I am not much into buying and I reuse, recycle and repeat clothes. It’s a wastage wearing a new outfit for every public appearance. During this pandemic, everybody, I am sure, has realised that we don’t need too many clothes. A few pyjamas, a couple of shorts and t-shirts, and some home- wear are enough. Let’s stick to that.”

Celebrated designer Abhinav Mishra says he has a holistic strategy, “Each stage of the product’s life cycle has environmental inputs and outputs. Being a couture designer helps me in curbing a lot of wastage, as the pieces are made to order. Almost all designs are handcrafted that helps me eliminate carbon footprint to a great extent. Keeping in mind the sustainability benchmarks, all creations are made with natural fabrics.”

Small steps

Every step counts and actress Elnaaz Norouzi’s steps embody exchanging garments together with her mother and cousins, donating those who she doesn’t put on and never shopping for one thing she already has. “A lot of people think that sustainable fashion is about leaving a luxurious life, but I feel knowing what you are wearing is also sustainable fashion. As a part of the glamour industry, we need to work towards sustainability with our choice of clothes, makeup and even what we eat. Like I always use organic items on my hair because the waste goes into the water. I have also chosen to be a vegetarian. I have stopped using single-use plastic bottles. And I make it a point to not get the scripts printed; we already have a phone. We can easily go paperless.”

As for actor Amar Upadhyay, he feels, “I avoid taking a shower bath. Even while shaving, I take a mug of hot water instead of keeping the tap running as most people do.We need to protect our environment in any way we can. In fact, even the incense sticks that I use don’t have wood in them.”

Likewise, in her private life, Shirley Setia does issues which have develop into part of her way of life. “Beyond clothes and looks, how we conduct ourselves on a day-to-day basis also has a huge impact. I reuse my old wardrobe, don’t take long showers, never leave AC or light and fans on when not required; walk when I can, use cloth bags for grocery shopping and do not waste food or water.”

Collective motion

Shifting the focus to the model degree, designer Seema Gujral believes, “We only use recyclable material for packaging and avoid single-use plastic. We also have a strict ‘no-waste’ policy where the fabric cut-outs are used as lining or for our internal usage. These transitions help us emphasise the importance of water conservation and waste-treatment.” Luxury designer Pankaj and Nidhi reiterate the considered collective motion. They echo, “We’ve realised how prudent and imperative it is to design sharp and focused collections — reduce waste by designing less and ensuring each sample and each stitch and each cut of cloth counts.”


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