Not scared of trolls, says actress Nikita Dutta

Not scared of trolls, says actress Nikita Dutta

In these testing times, how do you manage to stay positive?

As an actor, patience is something which we need to have. In this profession, nothing is certain. We don’t know when the project will take off. I guess I have become used to this kind of feeling now.

How was life in the lockdown?

Both the lockdowns have been different for me. The last lockdown was almost like surviving, cooking my food and cleaning up my house. This lockdown, I was just recovering from Covid-19, so it was more about taking care!

What kind of feedback did you receive for your last film,The Big Bull?

The film released just before the second wave of Covid. People were at home, so we got good number of views. Even I have got appreciation from the critics. The best part was that a lot of viewers said the film should not be compared with the series Scam 1992, as both of them were made differently.

You have seen success in both the mediums — TV and films. Was it difficult to get a foothold in films?

I won’t say it was not. But I also feel everyone has their own school of thought. I rememberwhen I was planning to work on television, people used to tell me that television is like a black hole and you won’t be able to do anything else. But I listened to my heart and went ahead. People have also commented that she is from TV and won’t be able to act. But I am lucky that I also met people who have an open mind.

You are an economics graduate. How did you join films?

I come from an Army background and our upbringing is a little different. When I joined my college in Mumbai, I got a lot of exposure, which otherwise I would have not got.

What are your career goals now?

I am looking at roles which I have not done in the past. I want to step out from my comfort zone. And thanks to the OTT content, there are so many different options available today.

What would you like to do beyond acting?

I would like to become a certified yoga trainer.

Before putting something on social media, do you think twice?

I am not scared of trolls; I have faced those four-five years back when I was doing a TV show. And after that I became a stronger person. I try to be expressive about social issues and put informative stuff through my posts. Trolls cannot pull me back.

Coming from a Punjabi family, if you get a chance, will you do a Punjabi film?

Why not! I am a big fan of Punjabi music and my whole family is Punjabi; they would love to see me there. If something interesting comes up I will definitely take it up.


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