Mamata Banerjee to marry Socialism in Tamil Nadu on June 13

Mamata Banerjee to marry Socialism in Tamil Nadu on June 13

Coimbatore, June 11

Mamata Banerjee is all set to marry Socialism on June 13 this year. No, this isn’t the beginning of a political joke.

What it is in fact is a wedding invitation that’s left many scratching their heads. A wedding invitation that was published in Tamil newspaper ‘Jan Shakti’, the mouthpiece of CPI on Monday, and has since gone viral says P Mamata Banerjee will marry AM Socialism.

The invite also mentions the names of the groom’s elder siblings—AM Communism and AM Leninism.

CPI sources said Socialism is the son of party’s Salem secretary A Mohan alias Stalin Mohan and the bride is the granddaughter of a Congressman, who named her after West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee after being inspired by her actions and style of functioning. Mohan, who is also councillor of Panamarathupatti town, said he wanted his future generations to carry forward the ideology of Communism.

He said his grandson is named Marxism.

“If a girl is born in the family, I will name her Cubaism,” he said.

On naming his first son Communism, he said that was due to the propaganda that Communism would not prosper after the fall of the Soviet Union.

“I decided to name him communism as I felt that communism will exist till the world and human race exist,” he said, adding that many people had named their offspring Romania, Vietnam, and Russia in the region.

So he named his second son Leninism and third one Socialism who is getting married to P Mamata Banerjee on Sunday, Mohan said.

On publishing the invitation in the party mouthpiece, he said the family was not able to invite relatives and other people due to the Covid-19 restrictions. — Agencies



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