Lockdown in India: Will there be a lockdown across India? These states of the country announced this

    Lockdown in India: Will there be a lockdown across India? These states of the country announced this

    Lockdown Update News Lockdown has been announced in Maharashtra Delhi Haryana Odisha UP and now Bihar. While the lockdown time is being extended continuously in Maharashtra, the lockdown has been extended in Delhi as well.

    New Delhi. For the last few days, the Central Government would like to ignore the debate of nationwide lockdown amidst a slight decrease or stability in new cases of Corona in the country. Government sources say that at present, corona is under control in more than half of the districts of the country. Many states have limited or complete lockdown. His effect is visible. In such a situation, nationwide lockdown will not only be redundant but will increase the problems for the poor. Obviously, the center is not in favor of lockdown under any pressure. After the Supreme Court and industrial organizations in the past, now Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is also demanding a lockdown. Government sources do not consider it logical. According to him, the last time many people ridiculed it during the lockdown, while it was needed at the time because people were unaware about the virus. There was confusion about his treatment.

    Problems related to supply of oxygen or beds

    At present, there is a problem with the supply of oxygen or beds, which are being disposed of continuously. This lack of supply has nothing to do with the lockdown. According to statistics, at present there are 17 states where there are less than 50 thousand active cases. There are five states where the infection rate is less than five percent. There are other nine states where the rate is between five and 15 percent. If we talk about districts, the situation is under control in more than half of the districts in the country. In such a situation, what will be achieved with nationwide lockdown. Work is being done in many companies. Exporting. Stopping him will not only improve the situation.

    The decision of the lockdown was left to the states

    The government says that the decision of the lockdown has been left to the states. Some states have also implemented this. Restrictions have been imposed in Maharashtra. Bihar has also announced complete lockdown till May 15. There is also a guideline from the Center that if the beds are filled more than 60 per cent in an area or if the infection rate is more than 10 per cent, then it should be made a container zone. Negligence occurred in some states and has also been alerted. It is also expected from the scientists that positive changes will start in the next few days. So nationwide lockdown is not relevant at the moment. At present, more than half of the country is under lockdown following the worsening situation with Corona. Which states have a lockdown, how long and what is the rule.

    Lockdown increased in UP (lockdown in UP Update)

    The weekly lockdown in Uttar Pradesh has been extended for the next two days in view of the havoc of the corona infection. In Uttar Pradesh, partial curfew will continue till 7 am on May 6. Earlier, a three-day weekly curfew was announced in UP, which was to end at 7 am on Tuesday. Currently, there will be lockdown on May 4 and 5 as well. During this time only essential services will be allowed. Giving information, Additional Chief Secretary Navneet Sehgal said that the partial corona curfew in UP will continue till 7 am on May 6.

    Lockdown in bihar update in Bihar

    Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has announced the imposition of a lockdown in Bihar. The state lockdown has been imposed from May 5 to 15, which will come into effect from Wednesday. Till now, a strict curfew was declared in the state. The shops were opening till four in the evening. The government had increased strictness to reduce market congestion, instructed to strictly follow section 144. Despite this, cases of corona infection did not appear to be decreasing. In such a situation the decision of lockdown was taken.

    Lockdown in delhi update in Delhi

    The lockdown has been extended for 7 more days to control the fourth wave of Corona in Delhi. The lockdown of 6 days from 10 am was first imposed in Delhi on 19 April. Later on 25 April it was further extended for a week which was to end at 5 am on 3 May. At the same time, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced to extend it for another week. This has been done in view of the increasing cases of corona in Delhi.

    Lockdown in haryana

    The outbreak of corona virus in Haryana is increasing continuously. To break the Corona chain, the Haryana government has announced a lockdown across the state. A 7-day lockdown has been imposed in the state from May 3. Home Minister Anil Vij said that a complete lockdown is being declared in entire Haryana for 7 days from Monday to May 3. Earlier, the government decided to impose weekend lockdowns in 9 districts including Gurugram and Faridabad.

    Lockdown in Maharashtra extended till May 15

    Maharashtra government extended restrictions like lockdown till May 15 to curb the spread of corona virus epidemic in the state. The order issued by Chief Secretary Sitaram Kunte said that a decision has been taken to increase the restrictions as Kovid-19 is under threat in the state. He said that it is imperative to continue emergency measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Restrictions on the movement of people and other activities were imposed earlier this month, which was till seven in the morning on May 1. Now it is being extended till 15 May.

    Strict ban in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh (lockdown in MP CG)

    The Corona curfew in the capital Bhopal has been extended till May 10 in view of the infection of Corona in Madhya Pradesh. The ban was earlier until 3 May. Apart from this, similar restrictions are in force in many more districts of Madhya Pradesh. Lockdown is on till May 5 in several districts including Raipur, Durg in Chhattisgarh and there is talk of extending it once again.

    Lockdown in odisha from tomorrow in odisha

    The Odisha government has announced a 14-day lockdown in the state from May 5 to curb the spread of corona virus in the state. In an order issued by Chief Secretary SC Mohapatra, it has been said that essential services will be available. The official order states that people will be allowed to buy necessary things within 500 meters of their homes between 6 am and 12 noon.

    Restrictions in the southern states as well (Lockdown in south update news)

    In view of the increasing case of Corona, lockdown-like restrictions have been imposed in Kerala since last month. On the other hand, in Tamil Nadu, there is a complete lockdown on Sunday. Also, a government order said that the night curfew will remain in force across the state from ten o’clock in the morning to four in the morning. It said that restrictions on private and public vehicles would continue during the curfew.



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