#ladengecoronase: couple delivering free food to corona patients, also helping the needy


Amritpal Singh Bali, Jammu and Kashmir

Published by: Karishma Chib
Updated Wed, 05 May 2021 02:33 PM IST


Rais Ahmed and wife Nida Rais launched a Food for Kashmir campaign for patients in Srinagar.

Corona virus in Jammu and Kashmir
– Photo: Sanjay Kumar

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In the midst of the corona epidemic in Kashmir, many people have come forward who have extended their helping hand for manavata. Be it local NGOs, local voluntary groups or anyone else. Everyone is trying to help the needy in this epidemic. Such are the young couple Rais Ahmed and Nida Rais of Srinagar. They are helping Corona-infected patients by providing free food to hospitals and homes in Srinagar. For this, he has launched a campaign called Food for Kashmir.

Raees started a startup in February 2020, which he named Tiffin Awa (Tiffin Aya). This startup also suffered from Corona. Rais Ahmed said that the Food for Kashmir campaign has just been started. This idea came to him when he received a call to eat from some people who were in need. So they started this campaign to deliver free food.

Food has been delivered to more than 1500 people so far

Rais said that till now he has delivered food to more than 1500 people. Rais said that he is delivering food to patients and their attendants in all the hospitals in Srinagar as well as to Corona patients in homes as well. Rais said that many people are joining this campaign, who are helping financially. He said that there are many cases where entire families are positive, in which case we do not take money from them. But later some people provide financial help.

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Wife Nida is also running with the glass from the shoulder

Raida’s wife, Nida Rais, is also helping in this task by mixing with her from shoulder to shoulder. At times, she also goes with him for delivery. Describing an incident, Nida said that she and her husband were going to give food to a patient that suddenly they got a call, brother did not come to give food, the patient has died. This incident shook him. Nida said that they have a team of 7-8 bandhs, but the entire precaution is taken from cooking to delivery. Those who deliver in hospitals also follow the protocol completely.



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