Kriti Sanon on her transformation for Mimi

Kriti Sanon on her transformation for Mimi

Kriti Sanon had recently shared about her transformation for her upcoming film Mimi, where she had to put on weight for her role of a surrogate mother. The actress now reveals how she could not shoot for any other project for some months due to this. Talking about setting aside a chunk of some months for the shoot of Mimi, Kriti says, “I had to put on 15 kilos in two months for Mimi, which I could start losing only once I had completed the film.”

She adds, “It made more sense to not take up any other project during the shoot and even till a few months after, since I needed to lose weight before starting any other project. I did let go of a lot of award show performances in that period because dancing makes me lose weight very fast.”  


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