Justice Katju Aligns with Taliban’s Beauty Salon Ban in 2023, Proposes Similar Closure in India Amid Economic Crisis

Disagreement with the Taliban’s Actions

On almost all issues I strongly disagree and disapprove of what the Taliban has been doing in Afghanistan, like depriving women of higher education, and compelling them to wear the burqa.

Agreement with the Taliban’s Ban on Beauty Parlours

Justice Katju Supports Closing Beauty Salons in India Amid Economic Hardships, Echoing Taliban's Move

But on one issue I entirely agree with them, that is, closing down beauty salons and beauty parlours.



If it were in my power I would close down all beauty parlours and salons in India, and ban beauty contests, modelling, fashion parades, disco dancing, etc. I have nothing against women looking beautiful, but consider the situation.

Concerns about Poverty and Unemployment in India

There is massive poverty in India, half of our tens of millions of children are malnourished ( according to Global Hunger Index ), there is record and rising unemployment, skyrocketing prices of essential commodities, almost total lack of proper healthcare for our masses, etc.


Considerations for Addressing Social and Economic Issues

In this situation, is it not a vulgarity and cruel mockery of our people to have fashion parades, beauty contests and beauty parlours when a large section of our people are poor, hungry and unemployed ?

Historical Analogies of Out-of-Touch Rulers

Is it not like Queen Marie Antoinette of France telling people who said they have no bread that they should eat cake ? Or like the Roman Emperors who said that if you cannot give the people bread, give them circuses.

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