J&K DGP: Drone attack on Jammu airbase from across the border, IED prepared in Pak Ordnance Factory


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The DGP said that the neighboring country is not only sending arms and drugs but also money through drones.

Dilbag Singh, Director General of Jammu and Kashmir Police
– Photo : ANI

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The Improvised Explosive Device (IED) used in last month’s drone attack on the Jammu airbase station was manufactured at an Ordnance Factory in Pakistan. There have been indications of this during the investigation of the incident. The seal of the Ordnance Factory of Pakistan has been found on the IED. This was stated by the Director General of Jammu and Kashmir Police Dilbag Singh in an interview given to a news agency on Tuesday.

The DGP says that the use of drones by terrorists to attack the Jammu airbase on the night of 26-27 June is a new challenge for security measures.

Pakistan is using drones on a large scale. It has been seen in the past that not only weapons, ammunition, but money was also thrown from the drone. Drones are a new challenge, so there is a need to make a new security arrangement to deal with it. Some technical arrangements have been made on the border. He said that the investigation of the IED used in the attack shows that it was prepared in a very systematic way in the Ordnance Factory of Pakistan.

RDX was used in the explosive, which is not available in the market. It was an explosive substance of military use. The modus operandi of the attack shows that it was a terrorist attack and Pakistan has a full hand in it. The DGP said an IED weighing around six to seven kilograms, which was seized from another part of Jammu on the same day of the attack on the IAF base, was also shot down by a drone. Which was collected by a terrorist from near the border. The terrorist was later arrested.

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Drones viewed over 40 times

The DGP said that more than 40 drones were sighted in the past, but 32 of them were intercepted. The drones had come from Pakistan to attack the Air Force station and the border is 14 km from here.





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