Jammu and Kashmir: People started getting careless with the unlock, crowds gathered in the markets


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Published by: charisma chib
Updated Tue, 08 Jun 2021 08:10 PM IS


Crowds in markets, flouting of social distance.

coronavirus in jammu kashmir
– Photo: Sanjay Kumar

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In the midst of the Kovid crisis, people have started getting careless with the unlock process. Crowds of buyers are reaching the markets, but social distancing is not being followed. After the weekend curfew, such a sight was seen in the open markets in the city on Monday. People bought essential items fiercely.

There was jam in many markets. According to Kovid experts, it is possible for Kovid to return due to social distance and non-adherence to masks. Kanak Mandi opened on Monday along with the biggest grain market warehouse of Jammu and Kashmir. After two days of bandh, food grains were supplied from warehouses to various districts of the state, but there was crowd.

Police had to send one-way vehicles by fencing at Bikram Chowk, while long queues were formed due to vehicles coming from Asia Chowk as well. Similarly, crowds of local buyers reached Kanak Mandi, there was a situation of jam due to parking of random vehicles in the market.

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Under the new arrangement, bakeries and book shops have also been opened. Bakery shops were also crowded with shoppers, although the major book market remained deserted from buyers due to the closure of educational institutions. On Tuesday, due to the opening of other establishments including textiles, it is imperative to increase the crowd in the markets.



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