Jammu and Kashmir: Now Basmati of Jammu will spread fragrance in many states of the country, three other varieties are prepared from 370 Basmati


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Updated Wed, 09 Jun 2021 12:43 PM IST


370 The three varieties of Basmati developed were also given to other states.

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Farmers of other states of the country will also enjoy the smell and taste of the world famous Basmati 370 of Jammu. The Research Department of the Agricultural University has prepared three other varieties from 370. Its taste and smell will be similar to 370. Also, it will be ready in less time and its yield will also be higher.

According to the information, three varieties 118, 123 and 138 have been prepared. Its seeds have been given to 350 farmers in Roorkee, Muzaffarnagar, Hisar, Mukhtsar, Gurdaspur etc. These varieties will yield 2 quintals per kanal and 45 quintals per hectare. Whereas Basmati 370 yielded up to 25 quintals per hectare and it was ready in 160 days.

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Of these three varieties, 118 Basmati will be ready in 130 to 140 days. JP Sharma, director of the research department of the Agricultural University, says that these three varieties have been notified ten days ago. Farmers from other states have also shown interest in planting it and they have taken seeds from here.

It is noteworthy that Basmati 370 is famous all over the world. Due to its aroma and taste, it is very much liked in Arab countries. In view of its demand, the Agricultural University has prepared three more varieties from this, so that it can be planted in other parts of the country and its yield increases.



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