Jammu and Kashmir: Municipal corporation’s pole opened due to a single rain, even 300 crores spent on drains could not stop the devastation


Satish Walia, Jammu

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Updated Tue, 13 Jul 2021 1:25 PM IST


Under the AMRUT scheme, the work going on in the city for two years.

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Every year in the rainy season, the drains come in spate and cause terrible destruction. The same happened this time as well. The Municipal Corporation claims to solve the problem of drains every time. In the city since 2018 till now, more than 300 crores has been spent on 171 drains and drains under the AMRUT scheme, but in the rainy season, all the arrangements are destroyed and people have to bear the loss of crores.

Work on deepening the drains of Nanak Nagar has been going on for two years. Started again in September 2020. There was damage in the last rain as well. This time the work continued even on installing a high crate wall. In the first phase, such places were identified where drains wreak havoc. This time also the drains wreaked havoc in the same place where crores were spent.

Similarly, in Kalika Colony, the drain was deepened by four feet, but as the water level rose, ten houses were destroyed. Apart from this, a lot of money was spent on the improvement of drains in the posh areas Trikuta Nagar, Shastri Nagar and Gandhi Nagar, but due to the increase in water, the drainage could not be done and the water came on the roads. Now the big question is where has the Municipal Corporation spent three hundred crore rupees. The benefit of this has not been available to the affected people.

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Not only this, all the arrangements made for the protection of the Municipal Corporation also collapsed. The teams of the corporation reached the homes of the people after the rain stopped. People also objected to this. People kept contacting the team again and again but no one came. In such a situation, people themselves picked up the necessary items and transported them to safe places.

overstepped the encroachment

The work could not be done due to encroachment on the banks of the drains. The drains have shrunk, which is why water overflows. The teams have visited the affected areas. The problem will be solved. Elaborate arrangements will be made to ensure that there is no destruction in the next rainy season. Harendra Singh, Chief Traffic Officer, Municipal Corporation





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