Jammu and Kashmir: Mercury crosses 41 degrees in Jammu, heat breaks 8-year record in Srinagar


News Desk, Amar Ujala, Jammu Published by: charisma chib Updated Wed, 09 Jun 2021 12:22 PM IST

So far, the mood of the cold running weather showed a fierce form on Tuesday. Jammu recorded 41.6 degrees Celsius for the first time this year, while Srinagar broke an eight-year record. Srinagar recorded 34.3 degrees Celsius in June after a decade. Earlier in June 2013, such heat was felt in Srinagar, when the mercury reached 34.1 degrees. The day temperature has gone up to 4 to 7 degrees above normal in most parts of the state. The weather was clear in Jammu on Tuesday morning. The heat started showing its colors as the day progressed. It became difficult to even go out in the scorching sun in the afternoon. There was silence in the market due to the heat. The heat was such that the coal tar melted on many roads. Last night’s minimum temperature in Jammu rose by 3.5 degrees above normal to 29.2 degrees Celsius.



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