Jammu and Kashmir: Load increased by 10% due to power theft and misuse, relief can be given by the end of the month


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Updated Thu, 10 Jun 2021 08:19 PM IST


The chairman of the corporation said, increased the capacity of many grid stations, there will be relief from cuts at the end of this month. Said, people should stop theft of electricity and use low consumption equipment.

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As the heat rises, the power cuts have started. According to the electricity department, the load has increased by 10 per cent this year as compared to last year, due to power theft and misuse. The capacity of several grid stations has been increased, which will be functional by the end of June. This will give relief from cuts.

On Wednesday, Jagmohan Sharma, Chairman, Jammu Power Distribution Corporation Limited and MD Gurmeet Singh gave a press conference. He told about the power supply and its infrastructure in Jammu division. MD Gurmeet Singh said that the load was 1250 MW last year and this year it has reached 1298 so far.

Also, the demand has increased by 22 per cent in the last one week. To meet this increased demand, the department has taken several steps, under which the existing receiving stations at sub-transmission voltage levels (33 kV and 66 kV) have been augmented and various new ones have been developed all over Jammu under various centrally sponsored schemes. Receiving stations have been added.

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Transformers will increase capacity, many districts will get benefit

A transformer with a capacity of 320 MVA to 480 has been installed at Burn Grid Station. With this, electricity service will be fine in Rajori, Poonch, Reasi and Jammu. Similarly, a transformer of 20 MVA capacity has been installed at Gladney station in Jammu. With this, electricity will be fine in Gandhi Nagar and Canal Road Talab Tillo areas.

This increased capacity will be operational by the end of June. The MD said that the department is committed to improve the electricity service. Only people should stop theft of electricity. Also, use low consumption electronic devices, which can save electricity.



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