Jammu and Kashmir: Big relief to the daughters of the state, husband will also be entitled to domicile on marriage in outside states


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Domicile certificate and marriage certificate of spouse resident of Jammu and Kashmir will have to be submitted. Notification issued, application can be made for government job after becoming domicile.

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Taking an important decision, the Lieutenant Governor’s administration has considered the woman or man who is married to the holder of the Jammu and Kashmir domicile certificate as eligible for domicile. The General Administration Department has issued a notification of a new rule, under which a woman or a man of another state will also be eligible for government jobs after getting a domicile certificate if she marries a domicile certificate holder in the state.

In the earlier system, there was a provision of residency in Jammu and Kashmir only for 15 years, serving in the state for a specified period and for the students only under the prescribed rules, there was a provision of domicile certificate. On Tuesday, the General Administration Department has issued a notification and added the seventh clause in the Domicile Certificate Rules. According to the notification, the seventh clause has been inserted under the rules given under section 15 of the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services (Decentralization and Recruitment) Act 2010 using Article 309 of the Constitution of India.

The category of Spouse of Domicile has been added to this seventh clause of the Domicile Certificate Rules. Neither the husband nor the wife is mentioned in it. That is, the applicant of this category will have to submit the domicile certificate and marriage certificate of his spouse for domicile. Tehsildar will be able to issue domicile certificate to such applicants. The District Deputy Commissioner will be the appellate authority.

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problems were coming for women

Despite the abrogation of Article 370 and 35-A, there were problems in such cases, in which domicile was not available even after marrying the holder of the domicile certificate. There were no clear rules for the girls of other states who live in Jammu and Kashmir after getting married. Because in normal cases it is mandatory to stay in J&K for 15 years to get domicile certificate. Apart from this there are provisions for government employees and their children.

Article 35-A used to determine the citizenship of Jammu and Kashmir

Article 35-A of the Indian Constitution empowered the legislature of Jammu and Kashmir to define its citizens. Under this, the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir had special rights to employment and property. The most trouble was faced by such women, who were married in other states. The children of those women did not get property or job rights in Jammu and Kashmir. Article 35-A was also abolished along with Article 370, but many discrepancies still persisted.



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