Italy’s Privacy Watchdog Bans ChatGPT For Data Mismanagement


by Mujtaba Hussain

SRINAGAR: The Italian Government on Friday banned Chat GPT, citing the reason that it is involved in the wrong handling of the data of its users. It is the first time that the western country has put a temporary ban on chat GPT over privacy concerns.

ChatGPT has been caught in the crisscross over data privacy concerns, job safety, and information legitimacy. Serial technologists also demanded to regulate the content moderation and the use of ChatGPT for minors. Amidst the worldwide growing popularity of ChatGPT, there are growing concerns over data privacy, and unregulated developments in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

The Italian Data Protection Authority accused the maker of chatGPT, called “openAI”, of mishandling the data of its users. Besides this, the government-associated regulatory body said that the company has not put any age restriction on the usage of ChatGPT. It also proposed that openAI has no legal basis to use the data of its users to train the AI model.

The regulatory body alleged that ChatGPT has inappropriately collected and stored the data of users. It demanded that the company should compile the data of users according to the privacy laws of the country.

The privacy watchdog clarified that the ban will continue until the chatGPT rectify its policy and comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Earlier, the leading investment bank JP Morgan & Co, and Verizon Communications, and other multinationals also blocked the access of chatGPT from their networks because of the potential for losing ownership of proprietary data.

Just two weeks after the release of the most advanced AI tool GPT-4, a letter signed by the tech prodigies of the world including Steve Wozniak, Elon Musk, and other Artificial Intelligence experts and industry specialists, called up on to stop the training of the AI systems, more powerful than the recent GPT-4, for a period of six months, mentioning the deep risks to humanity and society.

Similar demands are being made in USA and Europe to regulate the self-generative AI tools for the concerns of data processing, and unregulated developments in AI.

The wave of attention that the chatGPT created has intrigued the race for the development of AI tools. Companies like Open AI, Google, Microsoft, and Baidu are at the forefront of this new age revolution. Although chatbots like chatGPT are able to do tasks from writing homework to writing complex code, presenting cooking recipes to generating proposal ideas, the looming accusations of inefficient data handling and the uncontrolled development of generative AI advocated by the tech-savvy Twitter chief Elon musk have created a sense of discomfort among masses.

Technologists also advocated to scrutinize the development of AI models more powerful than GPT-4. Despite the collective call of certain high profile technologists, entrepreneurs, and AI experts to regulate the development of AI models, there are still grave concerns about the data privacy, uncertain future developments, and whether these AI models will outperform humans and make them obsolete.

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