ICICI Bank customers Attention: how to transfer money online via imobile pay-app

    ICICI Bank customers Attention: how to transfer money online via imobile pay-app

    A new update for ICICI Bank customers. Funds can be easily transferred with the help of ICICI Bank mobile app. ICICI Bank customers can go to the official website of the bank and find out more details. In a recent tweet, ICICI Bank tweeted iMobilePayByICICIBank stating that customers can transfer funds more conveniently and easily. In this context, go to ICICI MobileApp.com and download the app first. What to do after that ..

    This is how it should be transferred

    • If you are an ICICI Bank customer, do this …
    • Download the app from mobile.icicibank.com/dl.
    • Customers can send money to their loved ones using the ICICI Bank i-Mobile app.
    • First you need to log in to the ICICI Bank iMobile app.
    • Enter a four-digit log-in PIN.
    • Click on the Transfer Fund.
    • Click on Add / Manage Payee after adding ‘Payee’.

    If an ICICI customer ….

    • Select this if you are an ICICI Bank customer who is also transferring money. Or select that bank.
    • ‘Pay’ details must be entered. For example, enter the account name, account number, nickname and IFSC code.
    • Then click on Proceed.
    • If OTP arrives, it must be entered.
    • After that enter the amount and click on Proceed.
    • Click on Confirm to confirm the transaction.
    • After that you have to enter the four-digit PIN number again.
    • Money will be transferred after that.

    If a different bank customer …

    • Do this if the payee is another bank customer
    • Select Payee from the Pays list.
    • Enter the amount to be paid.
    • Select Transfer Type from OIL / RTGS / IMPS. The thing to remember here is that you can transfer Rs.20 lakhs through NEFT.
    • Rs 2 lakh to Rs 20 lakh can be transferred through RTGS.
    • IMPS is available 24×7, 365 days a year.
    • Choose between Now-Lottery.
    • Payment type, frequency, installments must be entered.
    • Click on Proceed.
    • The transfer will be successful.