‘I am my own competition’

‘I am my own competition’

Tell us about the response to Bechareyhellip;

So far, I am getting a lot of appreciation for my character, Vicky, from my friends, family and fans. They really liked how I portrayed the character and can relate to it. I am really happy that I could do justice to the role.

What motivates you to work hard?

I guess I really hate to live a normal and ordinary life. When you work hard, you get to taste success. It is really something that you cannot achieve by earning money or power or anything. It will just come to you through hard work and sacrifice.

There is so much competition in the industry. How do you deal with it?

To be very honest, I really don’t compare my life with anyone else. My whole concentration is on how I can improve my craft. Actually, I am my own competition.

We hear that you are fond of dancing. Have you taken any professional training?

Yes, I really like to dance a lot and no I have not taken any professional training.But from my school days, I have been participating in sports and dance competitions.

Who is your favourite Bollywood dancer and why?

I like Govinda because he really enjoys dancing. His expressions, which we cannot compare with anyone else, add to his performance.

What kind of roles are you looking for?

Nothing specific, as an actor I would really love to explore all kinds of characters. If the story and the team are good, I would really love to associate myself with them.

Are muscles mandatory to become an actor these days?

No. An actor should focus more on the craft and work first. Abs, body and good looks are secondary. These things are required only when a particular character demands it.

How ambitious are you as a person?

If you are ambitious about your work or a particular thing, I guess only then will you be able to achieve success.

How has the pandemic changed your life?

I guess it has changed me a lot. I really like the person I am becoming – calm, subtle, responsible and strong, both physically and mentally.


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