How to apply for baal aadhaar card and which documents needed here is process

    How to apply for baal aadhaar card and which documents needed here is process

    Know Children’s aadhar card is called Bal Aadhar. It is made for children under 5 years old. Through this, the process of admission etc. in the school becomes easy.

    Aadhar card is one of the major documents for identification of the person nowadays. It is needed from banking to other important works. Apart from elders, Aadhar card is equally important for children as well. This can be useful in things like their school admission etc. If the child is less than 5 years, then you can get Aadhaar made without title="biometric information">biometric data. It is also called hair base.


    Aadhar card of young children is of blue colour. These child Aadhar cards will become invalid after the child’s age is above 5 years. Therefore, it is necessary to update them. For this, application can be made on the website of UIDAI. Apart from this, biometric updation will have to be done by visiting the Aadhaar center. The benefits of many government schemes can be obtained through the child Aadhar card.

    Can update for free


    If a child has been made Baal Aadhaar at a young age, then no fee will have to be paid for updating it. Such Aadhar card can be updated free of cost till the age of 15 years. However, to get this work done, the whole process will have to be done in a new way.

    How to apply

    Parents can contact their nearest Aadhar Care Center to get the child’s Aadhar card made. Here you have to fill a form. Along with this, the photocopy of the birth certificate of the child, passport size photograph and the copy of the Aadhar card of the parents of the child will have to be attached. Apart from the birth certificate of the child, you can also apply for the Aadhar card through his school identity card. However, during this time, parents will need a photocopy of any of their identity cards for home address.

    The process will be completed in 90 days

    It takes about 90 days to generate a child Aadhar card. You will get an enrollment slip while applying for Aadhaar. You can check the status of Aadhar with the ISAM Enrollment ID.



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