Haryana: Seven kids die in 2 weeks in Palwal village; health department sets up temporary hospital

Haryana: Seven kids die in 2 weeks in Palwal village; health department sets up temporary hospital

Tribune News Service
Faridabad/Palwal, September 15

With seven deaths of children below 10 years reported in the past 15 days in Chilli village of Hathin subdivision of the district, the Health Department has set up a temporary hospital at the village to scan every household.

While six deaths took place in hospitals and one kid died in his house, Civil Surgeon Dr. Brahmdeep Singh claimed that figures have been exaggerated in social media, and said the main cause behind the deaths was diarrhea, anemia, and viral fever.

“All the households have been scanned and surveyed thoroughly in the village having a population of 3,000,” the Civil Surgeon said. He claimed that over 800 samples had been collected in the past two days for the detection of dengue, malaria, and Covid-19. 

“Every child is being checked and a team of doctors has been posted in the village for medical help. One child died in his house due to expiration and the district has reported only two cases of malaria and one case of dengue so far,” Dr. Brahmdeep said.

The village reported its first death—a six-year-old boy— on August 30.  

Villagers claimed that over 30 people—most of them children—were showing symptoms of fever, swollen eyes, and feet, but the health department has no official numbers yet on the afflicted.

Villagers claim everyone having a fever has been moved to a private hospital for treatment.

The rising fevers have led to an increase in the number of people getting vaccinated against Covid-19, but there’s also a rise in the demand for quacks and witchdoctors claiming to rid it of a “curse”.

“We are going to every single house to check. Most claims are just hype and social media forwards. We have urged people to approach us rather than quacks in case of any issue,” Dr Singh said.

Chilli is home to 3,000-odd people and has been dealing with a serious sanitation problem. Village roads get clogged up with sewage water, even contaminating water sources. There’s a rank smell in the air, villagers say.