Govt Enhances Wages Of Daily Wagers, Casual Workers


SRINAGAR: The administration on Tuesday ordered the enhancement of minimum wages of daily wagers including casual labourers and daily rated workers as per the revised minimum rate of wages notified by the Labour and Employment Department.

According to Government Order No. 32-F of 2023, it is hereby ordered that duly engaged Daily Rated Workers, including Casual Labourers, in all Government Departments and those of Municipalities & Local Bodies, as are in receipt of Rs. 300/-(Rupees Three Hundred) per day, shall be paid wages @ Rs.311/-Rupees Three Hundred & Eleven) per day w.e.f. 17.10.2022.

It is further ordered that Bio-metric attendance system will be enforced for all categories of persons engaged by Government in any capacity.

“The concerned ODO/Controlling officer shall certify with every bill that the dally rated workers/cetual workers have worked for the prescribed time period every day and that their performance has been satisfactory,” it reads.

“With respect to held staff, where bio-metric attendance may be difficult, the concerned DDO shall certify attendance. However, such staff shall be required to mark attendance at defined intervals,” it added.

“The Aadhar based data base shall be reconciled to avoid duplication,” it further added.

“The concerned Departments shall submit full details regarding unauthorized engagements so an to identify officers/officials responsible for such engagements so that action as appropriate may be taken against them as per rules,” reads the order.

“The number of hours of engagement may be restricted to budget availability,” it reads.


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