Gold, silver believed to be from Kakatiya dynasty found in Telangana village

Gold, silver believed to be from Kakatiya dynasty found in Telangana village
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Naveen S Garewal 

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Tribune News Service 

Hyderabad, April 8

It was an uncommon sight for Narasimha, proprietor of a plot Pembarthi village in Jangaon district of Telangana as he stumbled upon gold ornaments weighing 189.820 gm and silver ornaments weighing 1.727 kg whereas ploughing his land.

The valuables had been discovered hidden in a copper pot and have since been taken away by the federal government

Narasimha, who lives in Hyderabad and is into actual property enterprise had gone to his village to flip his 11-acre land right into a residential plot. Around 11 am, whereas digging was on they discovered a pot containing gold and silver valuables 2-ft deep into the plot. Narasimha knowledgeable the district administration who despatched a crew and picked up the property. 

District officers are ascertaining the worth and time interval when these may have been dug into the earth. An official stated, “We recovered the valuables and sent it to the Collectorate. Further, instructions have been issued to the property owner against any digging activity in the premises until further orders.” 

The copper utensil containing the gold and silver ornaments weighs 1,200 gm. Besides the ornaments a 6.5 gm ruby stone additionally was discovered. 

Officials listed the restoration to be 22 gold earrings weighing 77.220 grams, 51 gold beads weighing 57.800 grams, 11 gold mangal sutra weighing 17.800 grams, 26 silver sticks weighing 1.227 kg, 5 silver chains weighing 216 grams and different objects weighing 42 grams.

It is believed that the property may be from the Kakatiya dynasty interval. Carbon relationship would reveal the precise time interval of the discover. District administration is considering the thought of finishing up some extra excavations to unearth any hidden treasures there.

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