From Recalling Kairana Exodus to Taking Care of Cane Farmers’ Concern: Top Quotes from PM Modi’s Speech

From Recalling Kairana Exodus to Taking Care of Cane Farmers' Concern: Top Quotes from PM Modi's Speech

Recalling the 2016 Kairana exodus, Prime Minister Narendra on Tuesday said that a few years ago families lived in fear, daughter felt insecure going to school and many had to leave their home. “Now no criminal can dare to intimidate anyone, and the poor is heard and respected,” PM Modi said in Aligarh.

An NHRC team in 2016 had found that over 250 Hindu families had indeed left Kairana in western Uttar Pradesh due to fear of the members of a particular community which was “in majority in the area”. Their report said that the resettlement of over 25,000 members of the people in the aftermath of the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots had led to a major change in the demography of many towns in the region, including Kairana.

The issue had become a major poll plank for the Bharatiya Janata Party in 2017 UP elections, with ‘Bahu Beti Samman Bachao’ mahapanchyat being held in Muzaffarnagar and exodus finding mention in speeches of most leaders.

Here are Top Quotes from Modi’s Speech:

• Eighty percent farmers in India are in small and marginalised category. Our government has initiated several steps to help them. This includes the Kisan Samman Nidhi. MSP payments have been ensured. Concerns of sugarcane farmers in UP have been addressed. More than Rs 1,40,00,000 as payment have been made to sugarcane farmers.

• There was a time when the administration was run by goons, governance was in the hands of the corrupt, but now such people are behind the bars.

• The Central government and the Yogi government is working together for the development of Uttar Pradesh. We have to fight forces that are against development in the state.


• Today, Uttar Pradesh is becoming an attractive place every small and big investor of the country and the world. This happens when the right environment is created for development. Yogi govt is working towards development in the state.

• Today, not only the country, but world is also seeing that from modern grenades and rifles to fighter aircraft, drones, warships are being manufactured in India itself. India is moving towards making a new identity of a defence exporter.

• It’s a big day for Aligarh &west UP. The occasion of Radha Ashtami today makes it more holy. I wish you all a happy Radha Ashtami. I’m missing former CM Kalyan Singh’s presence today. He would’ve been very happy with the development of Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh University.

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