Employment Department itself unemployed: Job portal could not be created for the youth who want to get employment in private sector.


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Updated Thu, 15 Jul 2021 7:24 PM IST


By becoming a portal, youth will be able to apply for employment according to their skills, qualifications.


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These days he is unemployed from the Jammu and Kashmir Employment Department. The post of Director is vacant for four months in the department. Due to this, many programs and schemes related to unemployed youth in the department have come to a standstill. In the budget released in March, provision was made to create a job portal in Jammu and Kashmir to facilitate the youth in getting employment in private sectors. This portal was to be prepared on behalf of the Employment Department, but even after a lapse of four months, the department has not been able to create the portal.

The State Employment Department has completely failed to provide employment, counseling to the youth. The post of director is vacant in the department, in such a situation, when asked about the portal to the Joint Director, he said that there is nothing like this in my notice right now. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, while releasing the budget of Jammu and Kashmir, had talked about creating a portal in this finance to help the youths seeking employment in private sectors. The portal was to be prepared by the State Employment Department, but the department has not started work on it yet.

By becoming a portal, youth interested in employment in the private sector can apply for employment according to their skills, qualifications. Along with this, employment fairs were also to be organized for the youth. Although employment fairs could not be held due to Kovid, but portal could be made. Along with this there was talk of renewing the Foreign Employment Corporation to help the youth in getting jobs abroad. The youths abroad are not getting employment in the private sector even in the state.

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79 thousand unemployed youth registered till March 2021

As of March 2021, 79061 unemployed youth have registered with the Employment Department. There are 25262 youths from Kashmir division while there are 53798 youths from Jammu division. There are 6390 graduates, 3124 post graduates, 2199 degree holders, 1786 diploma holders from Kashmir division. At the same time, 5625 graduates, 20898 postgraduates, 1797 diploma holders, 2855 degree holders unemployed youth from Jammu division have applied for registration and employment with the department. It is worth mentioning that it is not mandatory to be registered with the department, so most of the youth are not registered with the department.



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