Earn 10 thousand rupees selling old 500 currency online know how

    Earn 10 thousand rupees selling old 500 currency online know how

    In the sudden demonetisation, the government had stopped the 500 and 1000 notes running in India. After this these notes were of no use. In such a situation, now we are going to tell you how to earn money through these old notes.

    On November 8, 2016, there was an earthquake in India when suddenly demonetisation was announced. In this demonetisation, the five hundred and one thousand notes running in India were stopped. These notes of Mahatma Gandhi series became useless after this day. But today we are going to tell you an easy way to earn money through these notes. If you also have these old five hundred notes, then immediately take them out and check whether you also have these special five hundred notes or not?

    RBI prints any note. These notes are printed very carefully. It has a fixed pattern and the notes are printed accordingly. If there is some mistake in the notes during printing from RBI and it comes in the market, then that note becomes special. The note we are going to tell about today, a big mistake was made during its printing, due to which people are ready to spend thousands to buy it even after demonetisation.

    a mistake made precious

    After demonetisation, a few 500 denomination notes that have become useless can make you earn thousands. Online you can sell these notes for five to ten thousand. We are talking about the most note in this, its online price is up to five thousand rupees. A mistake was made during the printing of this particular note. Actually, the serial number has been printed twice in this note. If you have such notes of five hundred, in which the serial number is printed twice, then you can buy it online for five thousand rupees.

    This note is of 10 thousand

    Apart from the printing mistake, another five hundred note can make you rich. In this note, extra paper was left from the edge. If you have such a note, which has extra paper in its side, then it is being sold online for ten thousand. Quickly check your purse and find out whether you have such an old note or not? If yes, then you can earn up to ten thousand by selling.

    Do sale like this

    The mistake present in the notes makes it special. Many people are fond of collecting such notes. These notes are being sold on oldindiancoins.com. If you are also fond of depositing such unique currency, then you can buy it by visiting this site. However, if you have a note that has any kind of printing mistake, you can also sell it by registering as a seller on sites like Indiamart or eBay. This way to earn money from worthless notes will make you rich.


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