Daler Mehndi urges people to ‘be human’ in these trying times

Daler Mehndi urges people to 'be human' in these trying times

New Delhi, May 4

Punjabi pop icon Daler Mehndi says that provided that we had been to acknowledge ourselves and train our children how ‘durlabh’ (uncommon) our human physique, life and the thoughts is — “only then, we will be able to take care of it and only then we will make well-informed choices and thus be better people, then a better society, a nation and a world.”

To unfold a optimistic outlook in direction of life in the center of the pandemic, the ‘Bolo Ta Ra Ra’ singer has inspired all to pray for individuals who are struggling and their households. Marking the four-hundredth Prakash Purb not too long ago, Mehndi has began every day reside streaming periods ‘Ruh Se Rab Tak’ from May 1-15 in the mornings and evenings for all.

These reside prayers can be an hourly session on his YouTube and Facebook web page and can proceed on daily basis with morning and night periods the place numerous artists will take part in praying for therapeutic.

Mehndi urges everybody to rejoice by meditating, lighting up diyas, connecting with our soul, aligning with the Divinity, praying onerous in these trying times, asking for peace for the souls which have left us.

“It is the most horrific times India, especially Delhi now is facing, it is painful and distressing. I have lost many relatives and friends. I am sure no one had ever dreamt of such horrible times. Just praying safety and good health for all. Request everyone to get vaccinated, don’t hoard medicines, stop publishing and promoting hurtful images, pray for all. Mask up, follow all the Covid-19 guidelines strictly and be human,” he informed IANSlife, when requested in regards to the second wave of Covid-19 hitting Indian people.

“Instead of losing hope let us shift our minds from fear to fearlessness. Together we can do it. We should empathise, pray for all, trust and surrender, be more mindful, pause and process your thoughts and feelings, check if they are in alignment with the divine, if not, start over, we should pay our gratitude to the supreme power.” He provides that people these days will not be even conscious of the worth of the uncommon valuable present — our human physique.

“It is the responsibility of any country’s heads, states and the government offices to provide safety and medical services, apart from other basic amenities to all. It is the responsibility of the country’s industrialists, entrepreneurs, celebrities, sports stars, public figures, media houses to infuse only and only pleasant, inspiring, positive, uplifting messages, amplify goodness in such trying times.” As an artiste, did the 2020 lockdown and staying-at-home have an effect on him?

“Yes, but in a positive (although this word this year has added a new dimension of fear and pain) way. It gave me my ‘me time’. With all the running having stopped, I had ample time to myself and with my family. I think I played board games for the first time in many many years, it gave me great bonding time with my 7-year-old daughter Rabab. Just the way I planted eight lakh trees in Delhi-NCR in 1998 after the plague outbreak in Bhopal, and continued year after year, I didn’t want 2020 to dampen the spirit, so as soon as the lockdown was over, June 1, 2020, I took my family and started the plantations, that year we couldn’t travel to any other city to plant trees so it was the farm and managed to plant 10,000 trees at the Daler Mehndi Festive Farms, a self-made jungle in Sohna.” “I also worked on various techniques to secure and save groundwater. Even in 47-degree Celsius heat, we worked with my family and team at the farm, it felt liberating. Music and cooking also took up my time, I connected with and boosted the morale of many people daily. I would get ready daily and be available to give interviews, mentally uplift people from sadness. Overall, it was a year full of reflections and gratitude,” Mehndi shared.

(Siddhi Jain will be contacted at [email protected]) –IANS


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