COVID Surge: KCCI Elections Put on Hold


Srinagar, Apr 24: (GNS) Amid an unprecedented spike in Covid-related circumstances, Srinagar district adminstration led by Dr Aijaz Assad has ordered for deferment of Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) until additional orders.In an order, a reproduction of which lies with information company Global News Service (GNS), the Deputy Commissioner has noticed that the elections to the Executive Committee of KCCI at Amar Singh Club, Sonwar can’t be held as the realm has been declared as containment zone.”Public motion in and outdoors the mentioned locality has been restricted besides that of important companies and subsequently elections as scheduled can’t be performed until the mentioned zone is de-notified below the norms”, it says.“Hon’ble High Court has also directed that while conducting elections all the SOPs issued by the government from time to lime with regard to the COVID-19 Pandemic shall be adhered,” the order states. It states that the Election Committee appointed by the Hon’ble High Court has mounted the date of elections to the Executive Committee of KCCI on April 26 at Amar Singh Club, Sonwar Srinagar. “It is pertinent to mention that Sonwar area where Amar Singh Club is situated has been declared as a Containment zone vide Notification No.81 of 04/2021, dated 23/04/2021 issued by District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA), Srinagar and public movement in and outside the said locality has been restricted except that of essential services .Therefore elections as scheduled cannot be conducted till the said zone is de-notified under the norms,” reads the order.Meanwhile, Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCC&I) spokesman knowledgeable that elections for the Executive Committee have been deferred on account of COVID-19 pandemic until additional orders.“We would like to inform you that the polling to the Executive Committee for the year 2020-2021 which was scheduled to be held on Monday April 26 at Amar Singh Club, Srinagar has been deferred by the orders of the District Development Commissioner, Srinagar due to Covid-19 pandemic till further orders,” the spokesperson mentioned.The spokesperson mentioned that when they obtain any communication from the DC Office concerning the polling, they are going to talk the members accordingly. “The members, who have paid their subscription fee till April 24 are eligible to cast their vote whenever polling will be conducted,” he added. (GNS)


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