Commandant’s parade held at IMA as prelude to final passing out event

Commandant’s parade held at IMA as prelude to final passing out event

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10

The historic Chetwode Drill Square at the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun, on Thursday played host to the Commandant’s Parade for Spring Term-2021. 

The event was a prelude to the final passing out parade, scheduled to be held on June 12, and marked the culmination of training of 341 Indian and 84 foreign gentlemen cadets.

Lieutenant General Harinder Singh, Commandant, IMA, reviewed the parade and exhorted the cadets to maintain high ideals and pursue excellence at all times.

Stressing that the Army’s reputation rested firmly on their shoulders, he said that they had earned this honour with hard work and they needed to retain it by living up to the Army’s core values of character, competence, commitment and compassion.

Acknowledging and complementing their commitment to serve the nation and uphold the legacy of an unbroken chain of heroes and patriots, the Commandant said that there was no guaranteed success in the profession of arms, but unquestionable integrity will certainly tilt the odds in their favour.

Courage, physical and moral, must be evident in their actions and decisions and therefore, they must acquire the wisdom to differentiate between right and wrong and possess the strength of character to stand by their values, morals and ethics even in the most strenuous of times, he said.

The Commandant also extended his felicitations to the 84 cadets from the friendly foreign countries for having endured the rigorous regimen of training, exhibiting excellent transformation and now getting ready to don the ranks in their respective armies, as most proficient officers.

Addressing them specifically, he said that the strong bond of togetherness that they had developed at IMA would foster into a bond that will keep the diplomatic and military ties between our nations stronger and vibrant. He expressed confidence that the spirit of the Indian Military Academy will guide them in their future courses of action.

Among the foreign cadets from nine countries, 43 were from Afghanistan, 18 from Bhutan and 13 from Tajikistan. Mauritius and Vietnam had sent four and two cadets, respectively, while Maldives, Kyrgyzstan, Tonga and Srilanka had sent one each.


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