CNG CAR Bumper Offer: Buy a car worth Rs. 6 Lakh for just Rs. 1.60 Lakh

    CNG CAR Bumper Offer: Buy a car worth Rs. 6 Lakh for just Rs. 1.60 Lakh

    If you want to buy a good family car worth less than 2 lakh rupees, then definitely read this news. There is a bumper offer to buy a great CNG car for half the price. We will give you a chance to buy a car that is less than 2 lakh rupees at a cheaper price. We have come to tell you about the second hand car. In such a situation, the dream of buying your own car will come true.

    In today’s time, the price of petrol and diesel has gone at an all-time high price. In such a situation, traveling by car puts more burden on the pocket. But given the current situation, CNG-powered cars will be the best option. The cost of these cars is low and the cost of second journey is always much lower than petrol and diesel cars. That is, CNG car will save you in two ways.

    Great option for a new age CNG car

    Yes, in these circumstances it may be wise to use CNG car instead of petrol car. So today we have brought a deal for you in which you can buy a car worth Rs 6 lakh for just Rs 1 lakh 60 thousand. Many car makers in the market are launching cars with new features, but when the price of these cars is taken care of, then we are in tension about buying it. So today we have brought an offer for you in which you can buy a car with a price of Rs 6 lakh for just Rs 1 lakh 60 thousand.

    Bring home a CNG car for only 1.60 lakhs

    The car is named Maruti Suzuki’s Wagon R Luxi CNG car and can be purchased from Maruti Suzuki’s True Value website for just Rs 1.60 lakh. Explain that refurbished cars are sold by Maruti Suzuki on the Maruti Suzuki True Value website. This car is a 2011 model. Which has lasted a total of 142087 km till now. It can be run on CNG. Please tell that this is the first owner car which is in white color and is registered in Delhi. The color of the car is white. This car has a manual transmission. So interesting people can buy Maruti Suzuki’s Wagon R LXI CNG car from True Value website.

    Contact Company Site

    For more information about Maruti Suzuki’s Wagon R Luxi CNG car, you can visit the True Value site. If you want to know more about this car, you can get more information by entering your name, mobile number and email ID on Along with this, it also provides the facility to book a test drive and make direct contact with the dealer. You can click on this link ( to know more about this car.

    New Wagon R CNG Luxi Opt Price

    Let us know that the ex-showroom price of Maruti Suzuki’s new Wagon R CNG Luxi Opt is Rs 5.67 lakhs. You get a manual transmission and a mileage of 32.52 kilometers per kilogram of CNG. Its fuel capacity is 60 liters. It has a 998 cc engine that generates a maximum power of 58.33bhp at 5500rpm and a maximal torque of 78Nm at 3500rpm.

    It is necessary to apply for a loan

    You can apply for a car loan both online and offline. First of all, inform you that you have to go to the bank’s website for online. At the same time, one has to go to the bank branch for offline. After that, go to the pre-paid car loan section of the bank from which you want to take a loan, and check the entire detail. You can also see about them on the website of HDFC, SBI, ICICI Bank. Some banks may ask you to make a 20 to 30 percent downpayment to take a loan to buy an old car. After that you get a loan of up to 100%.



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