Centre slams Punjab, Maharashtra, Delhi on Covid vaccine expansion calls; asks if they’ve covered all current beneficiaries

Centre slams Punjab, Maharashtra, Delhi on Covid vaccine expansion calls; asks if they’ve covered all current beneficiaries
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Aditi Tandon

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Tribune News Service

New Delhi, April 7

The Centre on Wednesday hit out at Maharashtra, Punjab and Delhi for looking for COVID jabs for all adults describing the transfer as “deplorable attempts to distract attention from failures to tame the pandemic”.

In a hard-hitting rebuttal to those states, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan requested if they’d saturated the vaccine protection of at the moment eligible beneficiaries to be looking for the expansion of the drive after they know the demand-supply dynamics and had been a part of the discussions that led to the framing of nationwide vaccine technique for precedence teams.

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Ruling out vaccines for all, Vardhan stated as long as the vaccine provide stays restricted, there isn’t any choice however to prioritise as is the worldwide apply.

When states search vaccines for all above 18 years, we presume they’ve saturated the protection of well being, frontline employees, and the aged, however the info are very totally different.

Harsh Vardhan, Union Health Minister

He stated he was alarmed at many states failing to reply appropriately to the pandemic however asking to open up vaccination to everybody above 18 or to drastically decrease the minimal age for vaccinations.

“These are deplorable attempts to distract from their own failures,” the minister stated.

He stated when these states search expansion we presume they’ve achieved saturation protection of healthcare employees, frontline employees and senior residents.

“But the facts are different,” Vardhan famous releasing vaccine protection knowledge which exhibits Maharashtra, Delhi and Punjab have vaccinated 86 per cent, 72 computer and 64 computer well being employees, respectively, with the primary dose the place 10 states have crossed 90 computer.

Maharashtra and Delhi have vaccinated 41 computer every of well being employees with the second dose and Punjab solely 27 computer the place 12 states which have carried out over 60 computer.

Among frontline employees, Maharashtra has vaccinated 73 computer with the primary dose; Delhi and Punjab 71 computer and 65 computer, respectively.

Vaccination of frontline employees with the second does for Maharashtra is 41 computer and for Delhi and Punjab it’s 22 computer and 20 computer. Maharashtra has vaccinated solely 25 computer of the aged, Delhi 30 computer and Punjab simply 13 computer the place 4 states and UTs have vaccinated greater than 50 computer.

“Doesn’t it seem evident these states are trying to divert attention from their poor vaccination efforts by continuously shifting goal-posts? Politicisation of public health is a damning indictment of some political leaders who should know better,” stated Vardhan particularly taking on Maharashtra saying, “It is shocking how Maharashtra is putting its people in danger by letting people escape institutional quarantine mandate for personal vasuli,” Vardhan stated.

The minister’s assertion adopted appeals from CMs of the respective states to increase vaccinations.

The authorities additional stated there was no vaccine scarcity in Maharashtra and the repeated narrative was “an attempt to divert attention from Maharashtra government’s failures to control the pandemic”.

Maharashtra contributed probably the most – 55,469 circumstances to the every day basket of 1.15 lakh circumstances right this moment.

Vardhan stated the state’s incapability to behave responsibly was past comprehension and a better folly was to unfold panic amongst folks by claiming vaccine shortages that don’t exist.

Vardhan additionally slammed Congress dominated Chhattisgarh for spreading “misinformation and panic on vaccination.”

“Chhattisgarh has seen disproportionately higher number of deaths in three weeks. Their testing remains heavily dependent on rapid antigen tests which is unwise. The state even refused to use Covaxin despite the Indian Drug Controller approving the vaccine and must be the only government worldwide to incite vaccine hesitancy,” Vardhan stated.

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