Can Shivaji, Afzal Khan be one? We can’t be brothers: Raja Singh at Solapur


Goshamahal MLA T Raja Singh at a rally in Solapur, Maharashtra organised by Hindu Janakroash Morcha once again called on Hindus to pick up arms against Muslims and pitched for an economic boycott against the community.

Employing the word ‘Landya’ (an anti-Muslim slur), Singh said that Muslims “trap our sisters and daughters” and when the women are unwilling to be baby-producing machines, they are murdered.

“We are neither scared of dying nor of killing them,” said Singh. Picking up a sheaf of paper while addressing the crowd, Singh remarked that one piece of paper would do nothing to silence him.

Continuing to address the large crowd filled with a sea of saffron-clad men holding flags of the same colour, Singh says, “Those who don’t sing the praises of Bharat Mata, or sing Vande Mataram, or celebrate the anniversary of Chattrapati Shivaji… even those who killed our beloved Sambhaji, we will not purchase anything worth even one rupee from such gaddars (traitors).”

“Can Shivaji and Afzal Khan (general of the Adil Shahi dynasty) become one? Can Maha Rana Prathap and Akbar be one? Can those who worship our mother cow and those who murder her be one?” he asks.

“We sing Vande Mataram and they oppose it. Can we truly be brothers?”

The crowd responds with a thunderous “Nahi” (No).

Singh also spoke about Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s announcement of changing Aurangabad city’s name to Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, and Osmanabad city to Dharashiv.

“Only few names have been changed so far. Many names will be changed shortly. In the coming few days, Ahmednagar’s name will also be changed. All the places named after these Landyas, will also be changed including Hyderabad,” he said.

“No matter when you die, make sure you write history till your death. Fight love-jihadis, protect our mother cow till your death so that your sacrifice doesn’t go in vain. We will neither bend before our enemies or the police. We need people who can fight with us not those who sit at home wearing bangles. May we be free from Love Jihad! May not a drop of Mother cow’s blood touch the floor in India,” he said.

Singh further added, “We need to make sure there are laws against love-jihad. If no laws are made against cow-laughter or love-jihad, every Hindu from India will cut the hand of those who slaughter the cow or perpetuate love-jihad.”

The crowd cheered throughout Singh’s speech.

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