BSNL network collapsed, consumer upset


    Ghazipur. People are upset due to the collapse of BSNL network from district headquarters to rural areas. On the one hand, it has become difficult to talk to government officials over the network. At the same time, all the work of business including bank, LIC, post office, registry office, etc. has come to a standstill. Subhash Nagar, Amghat, Mahuabagh, Mishrabazar, Niyaji Mohalla, Navapura, Mohanpurwa, Prakash Nagar, Banshi Bazar, It became difficult for people to even talk to each other on BSNL network in the localities like Saraiya and Chhota Mahadev etc. The condition is as it is the opening hours of the offices. At the same time, from 10 o’clock to twelve o’clock, the network gets stalled. After this, from two o’clock in the second half of the day to five o’clock in the evening or sometimes till eight-nine o’clock in the night, the patience of the people working on the network starts responding. The situation becomes such that apart from urban localities, the same situation prevails in rural areas as well. People say that many times these problems were complained to the officials of the department, But nobody takes it seriously. The condition is that the number of customers who are fed up with the problem of network is also decreasing day by day. People are now resorting to private networks. Divisional Engineer BK Singh told that due to heavy load on the network, such problem is coming. The team was engaged to fix the network system. Soon the network will be fine.



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