As the second wave of Covid-19 surges relentlessly, celebs spread positive vibes online

As the second wave of Covid-19 surges relentlessly, celebs spread positive vibes online


The Covid state of affairs is grim as of now and celebrities too have been adversely affected. They are struggling to search out the proper phrases to maintain themselves and their followers motivated. Yet, a couple of amongst them are spreading positive vibes. Here’s a glance.

Circle of hope

Shilpa Shetty, who often shares info together with her followers on easy methods to keep match and wholesome, posted a video on Monday through which she says, “We are experiencing inexplicable pain from all that is happening around us and all of us are expressing it very differently. I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude through this platform to all the people who are going out there and trying to help… Together we can and will get through this.”

Malaika Arora too shared some respiratory workout routines together with her followers, which helped her keep wholesome when she was down with Covid-19. “Let’s do something different starting today. Let us ‘break the chain’ of the virus & ‘build the chain’ of love and kindness from home,” was her message, as she promotes her Sarva Yoga Studio app, which helps folks be taught yoga from the confines of their houses. Alia Bhatt, after recovering from Covid, has reached out to folks too. In an Instagram publish, she wrote, “It is a time of great uncertainty…We are limited in terms of what we can do for infrastructure. But we can do our bit to identify and amplify relevant information. I am happy to be working along with Faye D’Souza… And both of us will amplify in whatever ways we can. We hope this helps. Take Care. Stay Safe. #CircleOfHope”

In good humour

Comedian Abish Mathew on Tuesday night wrote a relatable publish, ‘The emoji (emoticon) we need right now is not a sad face, but that of a silent hug.’ Vir Das too had a message for his followers per week in the past: “There are a lot of people falling sick in our country right now…wishing you strength, health, safety, and light.”

Nothing is everlasting

Actor Vineet Kumar, identified for his film Mukkabaaz, believes nothing is everlasting. He says, “It is a tough time for everyone. And as much as this is true, we all know time doesn’t stay still. Every day the problem will look less complex, if we look at Oxygen cylinders or hospital beds, which were in scarcity a week ago, today with the help of volunteers the problem has become smaller! It is not just physical, but a mental fight now. So, keep encouraging people around you.”

Duck the wave

Debina Bonnerjee, who donated her plasma the second she recovered from Covid-19, appears at the ‘second wave’ as a tidal wave, so the finest resolution is to duck. “We need to stay still and let the wave pass. Also, the more you panic, the more the situation will go out of control, especially if you are taking care of a Covid patient. The body follows what our mind thinks, so be mentally strong.”

Let’s pray

Actress Daisy Shah says, “Apart from the doctors and health workers, prayer is our only hope. I personally feel it can work miracles. Have hope, faith and stay strong. The biggest responsibility we have right now is to show compassion towards one another. Be helpful in these trying times and you will see we will all emerge successful in our fight at the end of the day.”

Different angle

Actress Prreit Kamal says, “A year ago, we had no clue about the virus as there was no research available, and thus no vaccination. If we have come this far, then there is sure a plan to eradicate it in near future.”


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