Anjali Tatrari shares her mother’s reaction when she first used ‘swear’ word

Anjali Tatrari shares her mother's reaction when she first used ‘swear’ word

Anjali Tatrari is enjoying the lead function as Sargam within the new sitcom, Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii. While the capturing for one of many sequences of Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii, the place the youngest member of the home makes use of a swear word, the actress is reminded of the time when she used a swear word in entrance of her mom.

Anjali says, “When I first used the swear words; I think I was in 10th standard, mom was puzzled and shocked at the same time. Her reaction was such as if I have committed a crime. The funny thing was that she was so flabbergasted that it took her good 10 minutes to come up to me and tell me, very pleasantly, speaking swear words reveals a lot more about you than the one you are using it against.”


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