Aim of BJP Govt is to Destroy Farmers’ Market, Says Rahul Gandhi

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Thiruvananthapuram:: Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday lashed out on the Centre over the three contentiousfarm legal guidelines and stated the intention of the BJP authorities is to destroy farmers’ market and never getting them the best value for his or her produce. While the primary two legal guidelines destroy the nation’s agriculture sector, the third one denies justice to the farmers, he stated after inaugurating a mass rally right here,marking the fruits of the 22-day-long Aishwarya Yatra, led by chief of opposition within the state meeting Ramesh Chennithala.

“The first one destroys the farmers market.The secondone is to allow the richest to procure as much as grain and unlimited hoarding.These two laws allow them to control the price of grains and vegetables,” he alleged. “They (government) have only one aim: the farmer does not get the right price for their produce.That everybody, the middle class, farmers labourershave to pay more,” he stated.

“And that’s why lakhs of lakhs of farmers are protesting.What did the PM say? That they are terrorists,” Gandhi alleged. The Congress chief additionally attacked the central and state governments over the rising gasoline costs regardless of a low oil value within the worldwide market and claimed each the governments are giving the cash to therichest within the nation.

“The price of oil in the international market is down.But in India, the price of petrol and diesel are going up.Thousands of crores of rupees are being taken from your pocket every day.Where is this money going? To whom is this money being given.” “This is being given to the richest people in this country,”Gandhi stated. “Everyday, when you travel in your vehicle, remember this, both the centre and the state are taking money fromyour pocket to the richest of this country.This is the politics we are trying to change.We want to work for the poor.

Not for our organisation or the richest.That’s the differencebetween us and others,” the Congress MP from Wayanad instructed the gathering. He stated the yatra was a chance to pay attention to what farmers, college students, fishermen, elders and ladies of the state say.

The state-wide yatra, led by Chennithala, started on January 31 from Manjeswaram within the northernmost Kasaragod district and ended at Parassala close to right here on Sunday..



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