5 courses designed to upskill and reskill workforce

5 courses designed to upskill and reskill workforce

Upskilling or reskilling requires less investment than hiring and training a new employee. When you re-skill your employees, you create a more well-rounded, cross-trained workforce and increase the effectiveness of your team.

 The pandemic has drastically altered the world’s dynamics. Learning a new skill becomes even more important as most people work from home, as it increases the efficiency of remote employees. Only the strongest would survive in a post-covid world. Keeping up with the latest technological advancements becomes critical in such a situation.

 Here is a list of five upskilling courses that will help you land your dream job:


Certification in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

 This comprehensive advanced Data Science and Artificial Intelligence course at IIT Madras will help you master the skills of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Learn from top professors and industry experts, and receive one-on-one mentoring. The programme includes 400+ hours of applied learning with 50+ live sessions and 218 hours of self-paced learning. The program includes 50+ industry projects and case studies. Learners will also receive career services with 400+ hiring partners by Intellipaat as well as mock interviews preparation will be provided.

 Advanced Algorithms Specialisation

A Coursera specialisation is a collection of courses that will assist you in mastering a specific skill. To get started, either enrol in the specialisation right away or study its courses and pick the one you want to start with. When you enrol in a course that is part of a specialisation, you are also enrolled in the entire Specialization. To keep track of your course enrollments and progress, go to your learner dashboard.


 Advanced Ethical Hacking course

 The course is broken into several sections, each of which covers a different aspect of penetration testing and hacking. In each of these sections, you’ll learn how the target system works, its flaws, and how to use these flaws to hack into the system. You will have a strong foundation in most hacking or penetration testing fields at the end of the course, and you will also learn how to identify, prevent, and secure systems and yourself from the assaults discussed.

 Advanced Critical Thinking & problem solving course

 This course, which is part of the Leadership Essentials Professional Certificate programme, will deconstruct, discuss, and apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a corporate setting. By evaluating and critiquing case studies, students will make links to their professional experience. Best problem-solving strategies will be presented and shown, including how to consider different solutions, include stakeholder feedback, and how and when to restart.

 Advanced Cloud Computing Skills courses

 It’s difficult to picture life without the Cloud nowadays. And now, more than ever, cloud computing skills are both a benefit and a requirement. This is when Pluralsight comes in. You may learn everything you need to know about the Cloud and cloud computing with our selection of expert-led courses. With comprehensive and deep skills coverage in Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and more, you can build a successful cloud strategy and equip your staff with the skills they need to take on modern cloud responsibilities. TNS



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